The prescriptions
The olive taggiasca in kitchen


Torna all'indice We cannot make a list of every dish in which it's better to use the taggiasca oil: NASA didn't agree to use its computers to store the data!
Just kidding: the oil of taggiasca, if correctly dosed, is the ideal complement of every cooking preparation.
To use the right quantity and to use it at well is the secret.
Surely a stew reboiled for hours in liters of oil will not be tasteful and delicate as a stew vapor-cooked with a spoon of raw oil when cooked.

We will supply here recipes in which the taggiasca and its oil more directly is been involved and, therefore, indispensable.

The dishes we have chosen, and they will increase with the time, can be done by everybody.

* cold recipes and preparations

* warm recipes and preparations


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